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Here at Kinetic Academy we highly value all of our students and create a positive, safe and secure environment for them to learn.  We actively encourage and enable all students to recognise and value their own skills and develop them to the best of their ability whilst



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If you would like to know more about Kinetic Academy why not take a look at our 2015-16 prospectus

Our modular curriculum structure enables all students to achieve nationally recognised qualifications whatever point they start with us during the school year and for however long they are enrolled here at Kinetic Academy.

Our framework of qualifications supports students development in achieving their academic potential and enables them to progress to an appropriate quality option post 16.

Students are able to follow a range of courses in a number of different subjects accredited through NOCN, CREST, OCNWMR, OCR, AQA, Edexcel or BTEC qualifications.

All students have their own personalised learning pathway that leads to opportunities that provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to prepare students for becoming happy, productive and successful citizens of the future. Our curriculum upholds the morals, values and ethos that we believe in here at Kinetic Academy.

We value our students individually and promote respect for the views of each student, as well as for the wider community. We promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each student, as well as their intellectual and physical growth fostering co-operation and understanding amongst each other. We encourage learning by doing.


Access to Kinetic Academy’s core curriculum groups are via referral from an appropriate agency. Our referral system is simple and we aim to give referring agencies a response about suitable placements available within 24 hours.

If the student is out of mainstream school they will need to be referred by the local authority where they live. If you would like to discuss the referral routes available, please contact us on 01782 333344 or enquiry@kinetic-academy.co.uk.

Kinetic Ethos

Kinetic Academy aims to promote lifelong learning and achievement by working with students to:

      • Develop high levels of self esteem.
      • Respect themselves, others and their environment.
      • Develop their natural curiosity and desire to learn.
      • Achieve to the best of their ability.
      • Become caring and outward looking.
      • Make a positive contribution to their learning community.


The team at Kinetic foster a supportive environment that provides all young people with the opportunity to experience success. They nurture the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of all through their dedication and commitment. Their pastoral support is second to none and the skill set of the team ensures that each and every young person has a learning experience.
Testimonial, Service User
Being here has made me look at things differently.
Testimonial, Student Feedback
My son feels more worthwhile and his self esteem has improved.
Testimonial, Parent Feedback
Kinetic offers bespoke, individualised learning packages for all young people and constantly strives to ensure that the needs of all are always fully met. The ability to self-evaluate provision is clearly evident in policy and practice and, whilst fostering a sense of belonging and family, the individual needs are always at the forefront of any changes and improvements.
Testimonial, Service User