Enrichment Activities

Students have the opportunity of accessing enrichment opportunities which build upon their academic and social development and provide them with experience in a variety of positive leisure time activities, through our “hidden curriculum”

Our enrichment programme incorporates a spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimension through providing access to a broad general knowledge of public institutions and a range of educational visits. This is delivered through a range of activities from city tours, local history, walking and orienteering, cultural visits, outdoor pursuits, team building and personal discovery.

These activities are educational and fun for students and they also impart knowledge of real life experiences and are linked back to their own curriculum learning.

We believe that enrichment activities will enhance learning by:-

  • Learning about time management and prioritising tasks
  • Getting involved in diverse interests
  • Learning about short and long term commitments
  • Making a positive contribution to their community
  • Working as part of a team and building purposeful relationships
  • Raising self esteem
  • Enabling students to apply their prior learning to a variety of situations