GCSE Courses

Depending on their interest and current level of attainment, students will have the opportunity to study a number of GCSEs. These are one or two year linear courses that in addition to on-going teacher assessment have both externally moderated and marked controlled assessments and terminal examinations.

GCSEs have been designed to develop and test skills that are necessary to further study and in the wider world of work valued by colleges and employers.

We are able to offer a range of different GCSE’s and always try and accommodate the needs of the individuals and their ability through our pathway planning

The following courses have been offered at Kinetic Academy:-

  • AQA Art and Design (Full course/Short course)
  • AQA English Language
  • AQA English Literature
  • AQA Design and Technology (Short course)
  • AQA Product Design (Full course)
  • AQA Psychology (Full course/Short course)
  • OCR Child Development
  • OCR Maths
  • Edexcel Applied Business Studies