Kinetic Academy recognises that many students that attend their provision may need additional support once they are ready to move on and step forward into their future, whether that is moving to another area, school or onto further education in Post 16 placements.

Kinetic Academy will work closely with each individual student to help them to plan their way forward and to help facilitate a positive exit from the services provided through Kinetic Academy.  It is anticipated that most students will exit Kinetic Academy once they reach their leaving school age, however, this is not a given and it may be that some students leave for different reasons prior to their natural progression into further education, employment or training.

We will support each student at all stages when they move on from our services.  We will do this through a supported and well managed transition plan, which will identity individual needs and actions that may be taken to ensure that they achieve their outcome.

We do this through:-

  • Providing 1-1 mentoring support
  • Having a key member of staff available with responsibility for on-site Information Advice and Guidance
  • Working with other agencies and providers, whether that is in terms of welfare support, educational advice or careers guidance to ensure that our students are well catered for in their transition.
  • Working with the students to ensure that they have a transition pathway mapped out, identifying personal needs and actions to be completed in a timely manner
  • Acting as referees and writing testimonials
  • Providing academic work that they have completed or are working towards to other providers if a move is required
  • Monitoring post 16 progress and offer input and support if needed to ensure any ex-student is sign posted accordingly and able to access any advice and guidance as necessary to support their progression.

For further information speak to the Head of Centre