Open College Network West Midlands Region Progression Award (OCNWMR)

All Key Stage 4 students follow our Employability and Development Skills programme, which is a modular programme covering a range of different subjects, including:

  • humanities
  • physical activities
  • creative arts
  • citizenship
  • personal health
  • social education
  • careers education

Assessment of the on-going coursework projects is done by our teachers, which is then externally verified and approved by the examining board. Depending on the number of credits achieved (awarded for the successful completion of the projects) and the standard of their work, students can be awarded at Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2.

Level 2 Science Award

The suite of OCNWMR Science qualifications has been designed to engender an interest in science and encourage a spirit of enquiry.

These are generalist qualifications, covering physical and life sciences, and applications of science in, for example, forensics and architecture. Centres can choose from a variety of units, as appropriate to the needs of learners. Learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to progress to higher level qualifications in science.

These qualifications can be used flexibly to meet learner needs. Depending on the context of the learning and the needs of each individual learner, the qualifications can:

  • prepare learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • encourage engagement in learning

The qualifications are designed to enable the learners to:

  • develop an interest in scientific enquiry;
  • develop the skills and knowledge needed to progress to higher level study in science

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are key to students success as they open doors to learning, to adult life and to paid employment. We see them as a platform on which to build employability skills and the gateway to students’ future well-being and prosperity. Both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students engage in developing their work around functionality with numeracy and literacy.

Functional skills are at the core of our curriculum and are embedded across all subjects within the curriculum, for both accredited and non accredited courses.

Development areas of functional skills include:

  • Effective communication skills (literacy, numeracy and ICT)
  • Positive team working abilities
  • Good personal presentation
  • Problem solving capabilities