What is the Student Voice?

The Student Voice is a platform for students to take an active role in shaping where they learn and to be involved with decision processes which ultimately affects them. It is part of each Key Stage learning group’s timetable and allows them the opportunity to have a say in how we make decisions here at Kinetic Academy and voice their opinions and views about how the school is run.

Our Values and Commitment towards the Student Voice

  • Students involvement  is visible and properly resourced
  • Students involvement is valued
  • Students have and equal opportunity to be involved
  • Policies involving the student voice are in place, evaluated and evolved for improvement

Student Benefits

  • Students can build on existing skills sets and the Student Voice can help them develop new ones, which can increase confidence and self esteem.
  • Students can better understand our organisation, they can see how it runs,  what our  limitations are and how we work influences them.
  • Students can benefit from new and better services that have changed and improved in response to their needs.
  • Students can use this opportunity to gain deeper understanding of how processes work, how we can affect a change in the wider community and how we can influence decision making through our engagement and participation.