Work Experience

At Key Stage 4, all students have the entitlement of accessing a work experience placement here at Kinetic Academy. We affiliate ourselves with Stoke on Trent Careers Service, who oversee a wide range of work experience placements across the area, ensuring that all Health and Safety checks and Safeguarding checks have been completed and that the students attending these placements have a positive learning experience of the real life world of work.

The length and duration of the students placements will be determined by their needs and the placement that they choose. Students will be given the opportunity of accessing work experience for a minimum of 5 days.

Our Head of Centre, Mel Wood is a fully qualified careers advisor and takes a lead in this area.  If you wish to discuss this with her please contact her on (01782) 333344.



We also actively encourage volunteering with our students and regularly support the Douglas MacMillan Hospice and the Donna Louise Trust, alongside local community projects throughout the year. This volunteering incorporates our Student Voice panel and provides students with the opportunity of developing life skills through taking responsibility for the organisation of events and fundraising.

Students will not only be able to reflect their work experience and volunteering in their personal portfolios, they can be accredited for this through the OCNWMR Progression pathway through a Volunteering Level 2 Award.