How we work


All students have their own personalised learning pathway that leads to opportunities that provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to prepare students for becoming happy, productive and successful citizens of the future.

Our curriculum upholds the morals, values and ethos that we believe in here at Kinetic Academy. We value our students individually and promote respect for the views of each student, as well as for the wider community. We promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each student, as well as their intellectual and physical growth fostering co-operation and understanding amongst each other. We encourage learning by doing.

Under pinning the curriculum are the “Kinetic 7 Pillars of Success”.  These are based upon the research from “High Performance Learning Schools”.  This takes the principle that producing highly motivated learners is paramount to success and is based upon seen key factors of attitudes and attributes we need to develop in learners and the school community.

Our curriculum for Key Stage 3 students is creative and provides a global, yet personalised curriculum that offers opportunity for discovery and achievement.  We have revised our curriculum design to give our students a strong sense of their own identify and so generate confidence and fulfilment and the belief that every individual can make a positive contribution.

The curriculum structure  for Key Stage 4 enables all students to achieve nationally recognised qualifications whatever point they start with us during the school year and for however long they are enrolled here at Kinetic Academy.  We  focus on developing their independence  and preparation for their transition into post 16 education and learning.

Our framework of qualifications supports students development in achieving their academic potential and enables them to progress to an appropriate quality option post 16. Students are able to follow a range of courses in a number of different subjects accredited through NOCN, CREST, OCNWMR, OCR, AQA, Edexcel or BTEC qualifications.