We want our students to have a high quality teaching experience whilst here at Kinetic Academy. We encourage our students to reach their potential through developing opportunities within the curriculum for them to develop both academically and personally, providing experiences that will engage them and encourage them to get involved in trying something different to enhance and develop new skills.

We aim to encourage our students to:

  • Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their personal skills such as the ability to communicate effectively and to work as part of a team – being confident of their own personal skills.
  • Enjoy and achieve, building their confidence and feeling a sense of achievement.
  • Gain a good insight into the world of work and how they can progress forward within this.
  • Try something new, learn a skill or develop and existing hobby.
  • Feel a part of the wider community and make a positive contribution to the local area.
  • Attend field trips that enrich their curriculum and deepen their understanding of learning.